“I was amazed when the roof was installed and the installers walked over the glass, but now I appreciate why you use such high grade quality materials”

Q. What happens when 6 ridge tiles come off in a storm, and fall onto your Eden Glass Veranda?
A. Absolutely nothing... apart from having to climb onto the roof to remove the debris!

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This client had this Veranda installed in 2013, he wanted to show us this unfortunate experience, mainly to stress the quality of the materials we use!

Eden Verandas only install 10.8mm laminated roof glass, this works like a car windscreen. Should any impact to the roof glass be severe, the glass will split, but will remain in place and can be easily replaced.

This is one of the reasons why Eden Verandas do not use toughened glass or polycarbonate systems which have no structural qualities. In the event of a similar occurrence with toughened glass or polycarbonate panels could quite easily result in a personal injury.

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