Case Study - Glass Room Conservatory

The Conservatory Replacement

Mr & Mrs B wanted to replace their tired Conservatory for a couple of reasons. The first was due to subsidence with regards to the existing slab/foundations that were originally put in place. The second was to un-obstruct the beautiful vista that they were not able to fully enjoy. Mr & Mrs B had reservations to move forward with a new Glass Room from Eden Verandas due to the un known with regards to the subsidence. At Eden Verandas we are extremely fortunate to employ specialist in all aspects of building / ground works and were able to send one of our specialists to investigate and to see if there was a solution without the need for the client to commit to such an important investment. The base works was completed by the clients builders on the advise of our specialists.

The original brief from the client focused on 2 aspects. An open planned room to appreciate the beautiful countryside and to replace the existing structure without compromise. This was achievable by way of a Powder coated structural steel frame to the rear of the new Glass Room. The end result provides everything the client requested and compliments the magnificent views from the garden.








Roof Glass

10.8mm Laminated with a Bronze tint

Frame Colour

RAL 8019 Grey Brown


Type A – Glass Room – Approx. 3 - 4 days