The new contemporary ‘AMALFI’ Garden Awning from Eden

With the NEW Amalfi Garden Awning you can enjoy the delights of pleasant alfresco evenings with built in dimmable LED lighting and cooler nights can be enjoyed with optional powerful halogen heaters.

Well-protected, durable and adjustable

With the NEW Amalfi awning you can enjoy the delights of pleasant alfresco evenings with its built in dimmable LED lighting and cooler nights can be enjoyed with optional powerful halogen heaters.

Amalfi Garden Awning
Weatherproof awning cassette
Amalfi Garden Awning
Strong, low-noise LongLife arm
Amalfi Garden Awning
Wind lock safety device protects against wind exposure - tested to Windforce 5 (Beaufort Scale)

Various installation options

Eden offer a range of installation solutions allowing the Amalfi to be fitted in almost all situations even if there are special constructional requirements.

Amalfi Garden Awning
Flush wall mounting
Amalfi Garden Awning
Roof mounting
Amalfi Garden Awning
Rafter bracket installation

Our sun protection benefit - a solar module can be included

Amalfi can optionally have a Valance Plus. It provides sun, privacy, and glare protection from the front. With an integrated solar module, it can be opened and retracted just as required or it can be used fully independently of the power supply with an optional crank handle.

The latest frame colours

You can choose between more than 50 standard colours and over 150 further RAL colours from Eden. The powder coating guarantees colour fastness and a tough long lasting finish.

Sustainable fabrics - over 170 fabric choices

Select your individual fabric for the Amalfi. Whether it is timelessly neutral, harmonious or creative colour shades: you can find precisely the right fabric according to your taste from Eden! A further benefit for you: Amalfi fabrics are spinneret-dyed, water repellent and dirt-resistant.

The right control unit to suit all needs

Whether you prefer to control your new Amalfi awning with a state of the art remote control, a manual gear handle, a wall mounted switch or an automatic weather system the choice is yours, simply select the control option that you desire. Optional integral dimmable LED lighting can also be added to your Amalfi awning as well as optional powerful halogen heaters both of which can be controlled by a remote control.

Manual use
Simple Controls
For Comfort

Frame Options for our range of Verandas

High performance frames in every colour under the sun

With over 150 colours to choose from the new Eden frames will add an elegant and stylish look to your patio. Here are a small selection of frame colours.

Four Easy Steps to your perfect Open Glass Room or Veranda

4 easy steps

1. Discussing Your Needs

How will you use your new room? Where will it go? What colour? What shape would you prefer? If you have any questions that you would like to ask, please just ring, we’re here to help !

4 easy steps

2. The Survey Visit

Once you have an idea of what you want, call us, and we’ll visit you at a convenient time to measure up and talk through the finer details.

4 easy steps

3. Quotation

We’ll prepare you a detailed, fixed price quotation based on our visit. We won’t pressure you, but if you are happy, we’ll agree a start date with you and make all the arrangements.

4 easy steps

4. Installation

In most cases we can complete installation within a day or two. We’ll take as long as we need to do a first class job, and we promise to clean up when we’ve finished.