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Awning vs canopy vs pergola: which should you choose?

For those lucky to have a garden, you want a space that is peaceful, pleasant and can be used whenever you want – regardless of the weather. Fortunately, there are a number of affordable and stylish options that can make your garden more useable come winter sunshine or spring showers. But what is the best option for you and your home? Read on and find out what best suits your needs so you can benefit from our 25% off Spring sale.

What is an awning?

Garden awnings are one of the most versatile additions to your garden and one of the easiest to install. A retractable high-quality fabric covering that attaches to the outside of your house, they are perfect for a casual, comfortable outdoor patio area giving you protection from the sun. Eden also offer specialist awnings which can be used in rainy weather conditions.  

Awnings are durable, affordable and simple to use. With hand-held remote controls they are easily operated and extend your entertaining area out into the garden, and they don’t need planning permission. Some models in Edens awning range allow you to add multi units together to cover larger areas.

Eden’s wide range of awnings come in a variety of styles, colours and shapes, and represent the very latest in design and innovative technology. If you want the convenience of instant and discreet protection, an awning might suit you.:

Our Awnings range includes:

  • Cadiz – The all weather awning range
  • Antibes – Classic sun protection for Larger Patios
  • Valbonne – Slender & Streamlined sun protection

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Awning vs canopy vs pergola: which should you choose?

What is a canopy?

A garden canopy can also be known as glass rooms or garden rooms. Simply put it is a bespoke glass extension to your home. However, unlike a conservatory, you can open up a canopy by sliding back the glass doors allowing you to get an uninterrupted view of your garden.

Custom designed and built to suit your garden and lifestyle, canopies offer a wide range of styles, colours and shapes to complement your space. You can install lighting, heating and sun shades to create an extra room to your house. But bear in mind, canopies may require planning permission. The good news is, Eden can take care of this for you.

Glass rooms are made from high-quality aluminium reinforced with steel inserts to maximise the use of glass on the walls and roof. So if you want to feel you’re sitting in your garden while being completely sheltered from the elements, a glass canopy might be perfect.   

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Garden Awnings

What is a pergola?

A pergola is any garden feature that has a roof. They are often free-standing in a garden but can also be attached to the side of the house.

The things you need to consider when adding any structure to your home are:

  • your needs
  • the space you have
  • the style you want
  • your lifestyle
  • affordability
  • does it add value to home.

Considering all of these things and talking it over with our helpful designers will give you the perfect outside structure that you and your loved ones can enjoy for many years.

So, an awning, canopy or pergola: which should you choose? Get 25% off in our Spring sale now and enjoy your garden all year round. If you would like to discuss what kind of garden cover suits your needs, call us for a free, no-obligation chat on 0800 157 1679. You can also email us at info@edenverandas.co.uk to receive our latest brochure.

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