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Glass rooms for the ultimate in outdoor living

Remember those hot summer days sitting in your garden reaping the benefits of your hard work? Heavenly wasn’t it. And just because autumn is here it doesn’t mean you need to retreat inside for the rest of the year. The sun’s still out even if the temperature has dropped a little.

A glass room can let you enjoy your garden all year round.

Feel outside inside

Love being outside but want a little more protection from the elements? There are many options like garden canopies, awnings and verandas for you to consider adding to your home. They come in all shapes and sizes so you can choose exactly what you want to do with them. But for the ultimate outside inside feeling, glass rooms are a perfect addition to your home and allow you to enjoy your garden the whole year round.

What is a glass room?

A glass room is a bespoke glass extension to your home. Unlike a conservatory, you can open up a glass room by sliding back the glass doors allowing you to enjoy your garden throughout the seasons.

Glass rooms are made from high-quality aluminium reinforced with steel inserts, they are built to maximise the use of glass both on the walls and the roof. It really makes you feel you’re sitting in your garden but at the same time sheltered from the elements.  Importantly, the glass also gives you uv protection against the sun.

I am very pleased with the glass room. It is very beautiful, very comfortable to eat, sit, work and play in there! My child and I are in it all the time! The finish is stunning, the materials are very good quality (especially the sliding doors) and it looks a high standard. Mrs. S

What style of glass room should I get?

Glass rooms are manufactured to reflect your individual needs and aspirations. You’ll need to consider the space you have available and how you’d like to use the new addition to your home. The glass sliding doors will give you a beautiful, uninterrupted view of your garden so you’ll want to maximise that.

Once you have agreed your design, you can add accessories like ambient lighting, energy efficient heating and sunshades. Eden’s glass rooms come with a specially designed state of the art remote control to operate these integrated accessories. It couldn’t be easier.

Glass rooms for the ultimate in outdoor living

Things to consider for your glass room.

  • Custom designed and built to suit your home, your garden and your lifestyle.
  • Wide range of different styles of roof shapes available.
  • Coated with a hard wearing, weather proof finish in over 50 different colours.
  • Wide range of optional sun shades and vertical sunshades.
  • Laminated safety glass on roof.

Contact us now to find out how we can help with installing glass rooms for the ultimate in outdoor living to enhance your home with a beautiful glass room. Call 0800 157 1679 or email info@edenverandas.co.uk.

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